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Elf ears

Dear Larpers of the UK. Does anyone know where I might find some good quality elf ears. High Tower Crafts doesn’t exist anymore and their ears were brilliant. All I want to know is there somewhere in the UK that sells ears like that. 

All I’ve been able to find are cheap plastic ones or bad looking unpainted ones. 

I will be very grateful for any information.

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Tom Hiddleston sings like a pirate [HD 720P] (x)

In this extra scene from ‘The Pirate Fairy,’ Tom Hiddleston, as a young Captain Hook, sings ‘The Frigate that Flies,’ and discusses the motivations of the nefarious pirate he portrays in the film.

Cause of death. Tom singing.

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Dress designs. 

Sorry one is on its side, I couldn’t get it to turn

Scars take 2 

Scars take 2 



To the people who can actually draw.

I have had this picture idea in my head for days, but I’m not that great at drawing. Esp when it comes to people. 

I was wondering if any of the wonderful artists out there would be able to help me. 

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My own stupidity.

I only want to say this here as I don’t want my friends to see this. 

Once upon a time myself and one of my kinda now friends were really close. But I think I liked him more than he liked me.

When we would talk to each other, if one of us was upset of having a hard time we would ask the other to “Say something lovely”. Two years ago he tweets me “Gine yello hovtms.”  And stupid me didn’t have a clue as to what it was and he wouldn’t tell me. But on a lot of unrelated things our friendship drifted apart and now we barely see each other and I don’t feel comfortable having long conversations with him bc I feel like I will let my angsty emotions get in the way ( I kinda love him when I shouldn’t). 

But last night I realised what Gine yello Hovtms meant. It means something lovely, I think. I don’t know what I should tell him if at all anything. I don’t even know if he remembers what he told me. 

I don’t want to mess up our friendship any further. I just feel really stupid for not seeing it. I feel like a bad person.

Sorry for rambling.